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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  June 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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latest terrorist attack, the biggest mass shooting in the history of the united states. it is monday night. and the big story on "action news" tonight is the latest information on the attack early sunday at the pulse nightclub an attack that claimed 49 lives and wounded 50 more. tonight the fbi is portraying the gunman, 29-year-old american born omar mateen as a home groan extremist who got his inspiration largely from material he saw on the internet. mateen expressed allegiance to isis but in the past also to al-qaeda and hezbollah, a sworn enemy of isis and we know that the fbi had investigated mateen twice before. >> we're also going to look hard at our own work to see whether there's something we should have done differently. so far the honest answer is i don't think so. i don't see anything in reviewing our work that our agents should have done differently but we'll look at
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it in an open and honest way and be transparent about it. >> comey also said the bureau is trying to determine if mateen had recently scouted disney world in orlando as a possible target. the pulse is one of the largest lgbt clubs in orlando and mateen's father has suggested that his son got angry a few months ago when he saw two men kissing in miami. of course radical islamic groups like isis have histories of targeting gays including throwing them off buildings. let's begin our coverage now with "action news" reporters as we begin with "action news" reporter chad pradelli who has the latest information in orlando. >> reporter: the moments of silence and the solemn faces said it all. this is a city and country in mourning. finding comfort isn't easy especially when a friend is among the dead.
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>> just amazing beautiful people. they didn't deserve to go the way they the. >> it's sadness, it's anger, it's pretty much everything you could possibly think of. there's not one certain emotion that you feel. >> reporter: banners were also placed on the ground where people could grieve and express themselves. >> two banners, one to thank our first responders and another banner to express condolences and love for the victims of this shooting and love for the community really. >> reporter: as emergency responders removed the last of the dead and the investigation into omar mateen's motives stretched into a second day, relatives began arriving in orlando. one couple drove from louisiana. they still didn't know the fate of their loved one. >> we're trying to find my brother frank hernandez. we just wander to know if he's okay or -- we just want to know anythingism they would soon learn the 27-year-old was among the dead. what prompted mateen to commit
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the atrocity is unclear. officials say it's likely both homophobia and radicalization but today the president said it doesn't appear mateen was ordered to commit the act. >> it was an attack on our values as a country and our national community. it was an attack on who we are as a nation and as a people. and our country as a whole stands united in response to this cowardly and despicable act. >> carter was injure. >> now let's go to southwest philadelphia and "action news" reporter walter perez. you have information about two local victims of the carnage. >> reporter: that's right, jim, they're identified as 20-year-old patience carter and 17-year-old akyra murray. patience carter was injured but today it was confirmed that akyra murray was killed. we'll give you a live look right here at the eastwick recreation center where people are beginning to gather for a vigil, people who knew akyra a gifted student athlete that
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gathered thirty four pray -- here to pray and honor her memory. akyra murray was special. last week the 17-year-old signed her letter of intent to play basketball at mercy hers the college on a fuel psychology slip. this photo shows her sinking her 1,000th point helping west catholic high school win the city championship earlier this year but west catholic principal jim gallagher says basketball did not define akyra murray. >> top three in the class. very respectful to everybody. she just -- she just embraced everybody here and treated everybody as an equal. >> reporter: authorities in florida confirm today there akyra was among those killed inside pulse nightclub in orlando. she was there with her friend 20-year-old patience carter also a philadelphia who was in orlando trying to promote her budding music career. this youtube video shows her performing her new single. carter it's family says she has the ability and the drive to succeed.
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>> she's a beautiful young lady. she's very smart, very intelligent. she is a go get. she has a lot of goals and ambitions, so i definitely see her doing great things in life. >> reporter: we're told that patience was shot in the leg but she's expected to be okay. meanwhile funeral arrangements are pending for akyra murray. napoleon kincaid commissioner of a summer league akyra played in says she'll be remembered as a star just getting ready to shine. >> she had everything going for her. perfect student, man residual top notch. you can't ask for anything better from a high school can kid like akyra murray. >> reporter: now we're told that a third person was with akyra and patience in florida. we're still working and getting information about that third person. reporting live from southwest philadelphia, walter perez channel6 "action news." jim. >> thank you walter. sarah bloomquist is live at city hall where they're getting ready for a vigil
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tonight at 6:30. sarah, representatives of many of the city's faith based communities and the lgbt community came together today to condemn what happened in orlando. >> reporter: jim, that's right. they condemned what happened. they called for an end to such hatred and homophobia. they vowed to stand united. they intend to show their solidarity at a candlelight vigil here at city hall coming up this evening. >> all reeling in pain from the tragic events that happened in orlando. >> reporter: they assembled this afternoon a pastor an iman rabbi lgbt leaders to show they're united in the wake of the mass shooting in orlando and to call for change. >> we need gun control clearly but we also need people to start opening up their hearts and opening up their minds and coming together in peace and understanding and togetherness. >> reporter: outside the arch street united methodist church in center city, 50 empty chairs sit at a long table representing the lives lost including the shooter,
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the church says was twisted with hate. local muslim leaders said their communities feel fear and isolation that condemn the attack. >> we all human beings. secondly, there we are americans. thirdly, as muslims who are americans and we stand out firmly as the koran says for justice. >> i hope they will know that there are people including within the gay and lesbian communities that do not blame this heinous act upon them. >> reporter: mark segal publisher of the philadelphia gay news called out donald trump accusing him of using the tragedy to forward his political message. >> he doesn't address or speak to those of us who are mourning. youyou're a coward. speak to us. don't use our bodies for your
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political purposes. >> reporter: back here live at city hall a few people beginning to assemble as they get ready for this candlelight vigil. it's going to begin in just a few minutes at 6:30. live at city hall, i'm sarah bloomquist channel6 "action news." jim. >> jim kenney told "action news" today that the shooting has not changed security plans for the democratic national convention next month. >> secret service isd lead security agency with the dnc working closely with the philadelphia police departmen department, fbi, homeland security. i think there will be enough folks available and knowledgeable on how to keep people safe. >> cakenny added the level of security will be similar to when the pope came to philadelphia.
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>> clinton spoke first never mentioning trump's name and she called on americans to come together as they did on september 12th 2001. trump attacked clinton and president obama and spoke forcefully about using a presidential power to suspend immigration from parts of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the u.s. he seemed to ignore the fact that orlando's shooter omar mateen is from the u.s. our expanded coverage of the orlando mass can kerr continues on you will find more about those who lost their lives, videos from the scene and the aftermath and a photo gallery of tributes from around the country. world news tonight with david muir will have more on the investigation of the shooting and that is next at 6:30 here on channel6. coming up on "action news" tonight, closing arguments are under way in the federal corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. and we'll tell you why a group is seeking and speaking out
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against the development of two new casinos in new jersey. >> while we have a dry and comfortable start to the work week, i am tracking some rain on the way later this week. i'll let you know when coming up in the full accuweather 7-day forecast. >> the philadelphia 76ers still thinking about that number one draft pick. ducis rodgers with that story when "action news" continues. >> ♪
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>> prosecution completed closing arguments in there corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah.
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the defense will resume its closing statements tomorrow. "action news" reporter vernon odom was at federal court today. >> reporter: congress plan fattah and his wife renee are former local tv anchor woman arrived in court this morning knowing this would be a key day. follow the money the prosecutor told the jury this morning as he led off closing arguments after five weeks of testimony here. four of them by government witnesses as they parend mountains of e-mails and documents trying to link the 11 term congressman to five separate schemes to steal money from charities fattah created federal grants money and an illegal loan to his 07 campaign for mayor. fattah's signature appears nowhere in those documents which includes checks and some 170,000 e-mails. the government's case depends heavily on the testimony of two political consultants one of them thomas linden if he would who entered guilty pleas are hoping their cooperation will earn them len yhency from the judge. the defense went on the attack this afternoon calling the key government witnesses and i
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quote here two admitted felons who made deals trying to save thereof own necks. the defense says the prosecution presented no credible evidence lining the congressman to a crime. the defense claims fattah knew nothing of their conspiracy. four long time associates of fattah's are charged here with racketeering and conspiracy as well. by sometime on wednesday, the fattah case is expected to be in the hands of the jury. if he's convicted here, he could well wind up doing a long stretch in prison. at the federal courthouse in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel6 "action news. >> local business leaders launched their campaign today against expanding casinos to north jersey. the group called no north jersey casinos held a news conference in trenton to kick off the effort to defeat the ballot measure. in november voters will decide whether to approve two casinos in northern new jersey. casino gambling in new jersey is currently limited to atlantic city.
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advocates say additional casinos will help new jersey recoup gambling revenue lost to other states. others warn that north jersey expansion could cost atlantic city another four casinos. an international business is expanding to america and will have its headquarters in wilmington, delaware. today employees from factory berlin met with local entrepreneurs. the company helps develop startup companies. alright guys, we've brought you to this construction trailer to talk about trucks today. which truck brand offers engines with best in class v8 towing or fuel economy? are we moving? where we going? it's the answer to the question baby! silverado. oooh that's cool. it's truck month. qualified buyers get 0% financing for 60 months.
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>> students at syler elementary school in berks county put on their last newscast of the year. the fifth graders are anchors reporters and photographers for the school's newscast called thunder news. and today "action news" reporter trish hartman was there to watch the broadcast and talk with students about a career in journalism. philadelphia 76ers have one tough decision to make. >> there are two good guys at the top of this year's nba draft and the draft is just 10
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days away. sixers insist they have not made a final decision on which player they will take with that number one pick. after today, their decision might be easier. one way or the other. brandon ingram was in for a visit this afternoon. the long guard out of duke averaged better than 17 points per game in his lone college season. it's a 6-foot nine i'll he'll give two other guards fits to defend. sixers came away impressed and that feeling is mutual. >> it's just a great city. a great place to be and of course they have a lot of young guys coming up and everyone here, they're great guys and of course i would fit in great that's what they told me. >> we've been studying him for some time but it's just great to see him here in our gym, see him just even, you know, physically up close and personal really for the first time. >> the other player the sixers are considering is ls's ben simmons. sixers have not had him in for a look yet. thus far simmons and his agent have yet to work out for any
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nba team. >> it's not a red flag. you know, everybody deals with the draft process differently. you know, sometimes agents are involved, sometimes families are involved in those decisions. again, you know, everything that we get with respect to our intel has it relates to ben is he would very much like to be selected number one. >> our cameras caught joel embiid working out today. he looked good as he fights his way back from a foot injury. colangelo says embiid will not be playing for part of the -- will not be playing with the sixers in their summer league team. the team will wait to see what doctors say about training camp and the upcoming regular season. the nba finals can end tonight. warriors lead the cavs telegrams to onely they won't have dramond green. he's suspended for picking up his fourth flag grant foul of the post season. lebron james still expects it to be a fight. >> those guys still compliment each other no matter who is out on the floor so we have to
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be obviously much better than we were in game four in order to try to get a win on a building where they've been very successful. >> once again game five is tonight back in the bay area. you can watch it here on 6abc. coverage begins at 9:00. to baseball slumping phillies are in toronto tonight. maikel franco not in the lineup. eickhoff gets the start. egg harbor city was the place to be if you were a current or former eagle. thirty-second annual ron jaworski celebrity golf challenge was held today. eagles head coach doug pederson took part. we are a few days removed from mini camp and he's still raving about sam bradford. >> sam bradford really embraced the role. everything i expected him to be he is. i look forward to this training camp. he had a tremendous, tremendous ota practices, happy with where he is at. >> a lot of love and a lot of
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praise. >> singing the praises of sam brad toured. >> we'll see what happens. >> cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continue in just a moment.
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>> week ahead from accuweather and cecily tynan. >> certainly a very comfortable start to the week. storm tracker6 live double scan showing that we have dry conditions out there. we have cooled off since the weekend. we got rid of those real gusty winds and i have a lots of images like this posted on my facebook page. this is from peg from sewell, new jersey, and this is what's known as a sun dog. it's basically a type of halo caused by ice crystals in the cirrus clouds but considering the events in orlando, i think
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it's kind of appropriate because it looks like kind of a rainbow over the angel wings so a lot of cirrus clouds out there today and temperatures definitely taking a bit of a break. the weekend, it was hot, it was humid on saturday, 92 degrees, our heat index 97. yesterday hit 90 with 40 miles an hour wind gusts. today back in the comfort zone. 78 degrees which is 4 degrees below average. we had breezy conditions but wind gusts less than 20 miles per hour generally. right now philadelphia 76 degrees. the same in millville. trenton 73. allentown 71. wilmington 77. and reading 73 degrees. and dewpoints show you that it's really comfortable. when you have dewpoints below 60 degrees, that's a dry air mass. the dewpoint in philadelphia 47 degrees. so, that's bone dry and that will stick around through the day tomorrow. now, satellite6 along with action radar showing we did start the day with lots of sunshine. then we had those high thin
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cirrus clouds. now we have a veil of some pretty thick clouds over us but if you look up north of the great lakes, clearing conditions so we just have an upper level disturbance moving through tonight. so tonight we will have the clouds in the evening. there we go, our graphic took a little time there. getting more comfortable. 54 degrees the low in the suburbs, 63 for center city and it's a bit of a race with the clouds because if we can clear out these clouds by 9:49, if you look up to the sky, you can see the international space station. it's only visible for three minutes. it travels from the west-northwest to the southeast, never gets above 67 degrees in the sky. if you miss it tonight, well, we have another view that will be coming tomorrow night. the science geek in me lovers to see the iss. tomorrow high pressure nudging in will bring plenty of sunshine low humidity. the high 80 degrees. a gorgeous day. on wednesday a warm front will move through and this will bring us more clouds. it will warm us up to about 86 degrees and then that low
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pressure will be meandering over us on thursday into friday and that will bring us our next chance of rain. i think thursday you'll want to keep the umbrellas close. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, you like at a, you'll like tomorrow. low humidity again, temperatures up a couple degrees, 80 degrees, mostly sunny skies. on wednesday with that warm front it does get warmer with a high of 86 degrees. we'll see a few more clouds drifting in. late wednesday night a few showers and thursday not a washout but on and off light rain and drizzle with a high of 76 degrees. and friday will be a transition day. we start the day with rain but then late in the afternoon some sunshine, 77 degrees and heading into father's day weekend it looks like high pressure will be in control on saturday mostly sunny, 80. on sunday for father's day 83 degrees. i do have to keep watch on a coastal low. at this point it looks like it will be far enough east that we stay dry. i'll copy you posted. monday the heat returns with a
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high of 90 degrees. getting a little bit wet on thursday. >> but the coastal low could blow the whole weekend. >> it could but i hope it doesn't. >> we all hope it doesn't. >> i'll keep you pop posted. >> hundreds of delaware county residents proving you're never too old to compete. local athletes whose age ranges from 50 to 100 are competing in the delaware county senior games. today they played bocce at rose tree park in media. the games run through june 24th. abc's "world news tonight" with david muir next on channel6. "action news continues at 10:00 on phl17 and of course we ask you to join us for "action news" at 11:00. for the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight," the terror in orlando. breaking developments here on the ground. new video from inside the nightclub of the dancing and the moments the horror broke out. the shootout between the gunman and s.w.a.t. teams. plus, tonight, we hear from survivors, trapped inside during the three-hour hostage ordeal. some amid the bodies. and tonight, the moment authorities knew they had to move in. what forced their hand. 49 victims killed, the shooter then taken down. and this evening, new details now emerging about the gunman. a first look, right here, inside his home. the fbi revealing the killer had been under surveillance for nearly a year, yet still able to guy g buy guns just last week without any alerts. our team on the ground here tonight.


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